About Us

Drilling Innovative Solutions, LLC manufactures and distributes revolutionary patented downhole tool products to the oil and gas exploration industry. Our goal is to provide the drilling industry with tools that meet or exceed the most rigorous regulatory and industry standards. We understand that our loyal customer base is our strongest asset, so we strive to provide the best customer service and the most reliable downhole tool products.

Our Mission

Safety is a crucial issue in oil and gas offshore and onshore projects, so safety is always top of mind throughout the downhole tool design and manufacturing process.


Sam P. Hawkins, III

Sam P. Hawkins, III

Sam P. Hawkins, III is a co-founder, owner and new product development manager at Drilling Innovative Solutions, LLC. Mr. Hawkins has a broad range of advisory and consulting experience in the oil field, as well as 35 years of hands-on well site drilling, completion, fishing and workover operational experience. He has also worked for 10 years in international operations. Mr. Hawkins holds 25 patents from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and specializes in drilling management, completion and fishing, retooling and product improvement, oil and gas trouble-shooting to help clients solve specific issues and new product design and development. Mr. Hawkins has pioneered oil and gas efforts in Tripoli, Libya; Bombay, India; and across the state of Texas; as well as setting up new operations from California to Alaska and South America to the Far East. He has invented and developed many tools being successfully used throughout the oil and gas industry and is frequently called on as an expert consultant and witness. He currently serves on the American Association of Drilling Engineers’ MPD New Guidelines Committee and is a member of the American Petroleum Institute.

Pat Stokes


Patrick Stokes

Patrick Stokes is a co-founder and owner of Drilling Innovative Solutions, LLC, serving as their Chief Financial Officer. Prior to forming Drilling Innovative Solutions, LLC, Mr. Stokes owned and operated several successful oilfield service companies. Most recently he was an owner and COO/CFO of Wilkinson Technologies, LTD. Wilkinson performed construction services specializing in large pile installations for the oil and gas industry and bridge contractors both domestically and internationally. Before joining Wilkinson, Mr. Stokes was an owner and a business unit manager for Coastal Superior Solutions, a chemical manufacturer and worldwide distributor of proprietary and patented drilling fluid additives. He was also an owner and advisor to Coastal Chemical Co., which today is part of Brenntag, the largest chemical distribution company in the world. Mr. Stokes received a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University in 1991. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Golfballs.com, the industry leader in customization of golf related products, and is a member of American Association of Drilling Engineers, American Petroleum Institute, International Association of Drilling Contractors and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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