Our Commitment to The Planet 

At Drilling Innovative Solutions, sustainability and environmental responsibility are among our most important core values. Environmentally conscious practices not only allow us to meet the most rigorous industry standards across the globe, we also feel a strong moral obligation to the planet and its people—both of which have made what we do possible.

Our tools have a proven track record of substantially reducing rig time and—as a result, carbon emissions. For example: when our CRC Inner String Technology was utilized in the North Sea, 5 days of rig time was saved, resulting in a total Carbon Dioxide reduction of 220.75 metric tons.

This is the equivalent of

 journey in a diesel car (in km)

hot air balloons measuring 500m3

Below is a map of operations across the world in which our tools have been deployed. Despite our small size, DIS has made a global impact; safely and efficiently reducing rig time and costs for major oil and gas operators.

Our Partners

As DIS continues to grow and evolve, we pledge to continue reinforcing our commitment to being sustainable and responsible in every way possible. 

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