The Gatekeeper Cement Retaining Collar

The Gatekeeper Cement Retaining Collar saves time and money.

The Gatekeeper CRC is a mechanical isolation device offering the customer significant time savings during costly cementing operations. The CRC is designed to be installed with the casing/liner string and when actuated via an inner string assembly, provides a wellbore barrier. The Gatekeeper CRC offers a superior replacement to drillable packer/bridge plug cement retainers, which take multiple rig operations to properly install.

The Gatekeeper CRC is designed, tested, and manufactured to: API 11D1, API 19V V2 type C and API 19AC V3 standards; ensuring the
highest quality tools.

  • Widely used in most casing and liner cementing operations including HTHP conditions.
  • Isolates cement below the CRC from pressure and fluids above the CRC.
  • Downhole pressure control both above and below the CRC, allowing for positive and negative pressure testing at the conclusion of cementing operations.
  • CRC is installed and run in with the casing/liner string, eliminating mechanically setting of a packer/bridge plug cement retainer with drill pipe or wireline.
  • The Stinger assembly is used to actuate the mechanical isolation device. The assembly is connected to the liner installation equipment via drill pipe as an inner string, thus eliminating a pipe trip to access and actuate the device.
  • Eliminates wiper/cleanout trips needed for proper installation of packer/bridge plug cement retainers.
  • Allows for timely displacement of fluids with completion fluids.
  • Large internal diameter allowing for greater flow volume during cementing operations.
  • CRC manufactured to customer casing specifications, allowing for a broad range of casing/liner applications.
  • CRC designed with two open flow positions to allow for auto-fill while running casing.
  • CRC is operated by inner string pipe reciprocation sealing against fluid movement in either direction.
  • The Stinger assembly has a locator collar feature to prevent premature unlatching of the device.
  • Sour gas condition CRCs available upon request.
  • CRC internals are manufactured from cast-iron materials simplifying the drill out for subsequent sections upon completion of cementing operation.
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