The Gatekeeper CRC Plug Activated

The Gatekeeper CRC Plug Activated saves time and money.

The Gatekeeper CRCPA is a mechanical isolation device offering significant time savings during costly cementing operations. Leveraging on the field-proven technology of the Gatekeeper CRC Inner String tool, the CRCPA utilizes the same robust seal configuration. The CRCPA is designed to be installed with the casing/liner string and when actuated by the cement plugs, provides a wellbore barrier. The Gatekeeper CRCPA offers a superior replacement to drillable packer/bridge plug cement retainers, which take multiple rig operations to properly install.

Drilling Innovative Solutions Gatekeeper CRCPA is designed and manufactured to API 11D1 standards, ensuring the highest quality tools. The Gatekeeper CRCPA
is adaptable to a broad range of casing sizes to accommodate most cementing operations.

  • Widely used in most casing and liner cementing operations including HTHP conditions.
  • Isolates cement below the CRCPA from pressure and fluids above the CRCPA.
  • Downhole pressure control both above and below the CRCPA, allowing for positive and negative pressure testing at the conclusion of cementing operations.
  • CRCPA is installed and run in with the casing/liner string, eliminating mechanically setting of a packer/bridge plug cement retainer with drill pipe or wireline.
  • The CRCPA is actuated utilizing standard cement plugs, eliminating a pipe trip to access and actuate the mechanical isolation device.
  • Eliminates wiper/cleanout trips needed for proper installation of packer/bridge plug cement retainers.
  • Large internal diameter allowing for greater flow volume during cementing operations.
  • CRCPA manufactured to customer casing specifications, allowing for a broad range of casing/liner applications.
  • The CRCPA is closed via pump pressure applied to cement plugs, sealing against fluid movement in either direction. A wide range of actuation pressures can be accommodated and configured during the tool assembly process.
  • CRCPA is available with optional fail safe shear plug. This fail safe would only be activated in the event the mechanical isolation device closes prematurely. A range of desired shearing forces can be achieved and configured during the tool assembly process.
  • Sour gas condition CRCPAs available upon request.
  • CRCPA internals are manufactured from cast-iron materials simplifying the drill out for subsequent sections upon completion of cementing operations.
Gatekeeper CRC Plug Activated Specification Table
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