The Guardian Cement Float Equipment

The Guardian Cement Float Equipment includes our patented Piloted Ball Technology.

We developed The Guardian to withstand a multitude of well cementing conditions to ensure consistent performance versus the wide-range success rate of traditional cement float equipment. It uses Drilling Innovative Solutions’ patent-pending, field-proven flapper actuated ball valve technology to ensure consistent performance in a range of environments.

All float equipment is designed and tested to API RP10F Category IIIC standards ensuring the highest product quality. The Guardian is available in a broad range of valve sizes to accommodate standard casing sizes.

  • Can be used in most cementing operations including high-temperature, high-pressure (HTHP) conditions.
  • The Guardian float shoe comes standard with a round nose used to guide the casing string to the desired depth.
  • The Guardian float shoe is normally run with at least one Guardian float collar to provide an additional barrier against the U-tube effect of the cement, as well as allowing contaminated cement to remain in the casing string.
  • The ball valve sealing allows the casing to be floated to desired depth assisting in casing run-in.
  • Valve is full opening, allowing for a large laminar fluid flow.
  • Valve is designed utilizing an elastomeric-to-metal seal via a ball valve.
  • Sealing surface is always protected from erosion via a flow tube, allowing consistent sealing after prolonged use.
  • No springs are required for sealing.
  • PDC and Tri-cone bit drillable.
  • Valves available in a broad range of internal diameters.
  • The Guardian float shoe can be provided with ports (up, down and/or side) and various noses for different applications.
  • Available with auto-fill.
  • Available in premium grade materials and connections.
  • 10,000 psi valves available upon request.
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