The Gulf of Mexico has long since been considered one of the US’ most important energy assets—an active hub in which multiple global oil and gas operators come together with the shared goal of being the premier providers of the world’s energy. It produces about 17% of the country’s oil and 15% of its natural gas¹. The brains behind this bustling community have long since recognized that if the Gulf of Mexico is to continue to play a starring role in meeting energy needs across the globe, it has to be as environmentally conscious and forward-thinking as possible. As a result, great strides have been made not only in continuing to generate energy and reduce costs—but also make the Gulf a pioneer in safe, sustainable and renewable energy. This is precisely why DIS is constantly deploying tools in the Gulf of Mexico: oil and gas operators trust our tools to get the job done quickly, helping to keep the cost of energy down and carbon emissions at a minimum.  


The Home of Oil and Gas Innovation

In a rapidly changing and evolving energy landscape, operators in the Gulf of Mexico have had to be constantly innovating and improving in order to maintain their territory’s position as one of the globe’s leading energy providers. Though decarbonization efforts are sometimes presented as a threat to the energy industry, the contrary is closer to the truth: efforts to shift towards cleaner, lower-emission energy sources make the Gulf of Mexico and the operators that work there more vital than ever. In fact, oil and gas operators are at the forefront of this great transition—leading the way in forms of alternative energy including (but not limited to) wind, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen and geothermal. The industry’s experience and expertise in deploying and perfecting oil and gas operations has held them in good stead in that regard, making them the most qualified to lead the way in renewable and sustainable energy. 


Full Steam Ahead

Embracing the future of energy doesn’t mark the end of oil and gas, however. In fact, it represents a unique opportunity for operators to reshape what it means to supply the world with energy—and DIS is at the very forefront of that challenge. In the midst of new forms of energy is not only the consistent global demand for oil and gas, but also new standards for environmental mindfulness, efficiency, and cleanliness. As a company with an industry-wide reputation for saving rig time safely and sustainability, it’s no surprise that recent years have seen an increase in deployments for Drilling Innovative Systems. Not only do our tools consistently reduce the time an operation takes (substantially reducing carbon emissions as a result), they also provide extra levels of safety. In fact, it was the Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf of Mexico that led us to develop the first tool in our line of safety float equipment. 


Drilling Into The Future

Though the diversification of energy sources is something to celebrate and embrace, the need for oil and gas will undoubtedly exist for the foreseeable future. While energy pioneers expand the ways in which we produce clean energy, the current reality is that hydrocarbons are responsible for the fabrication, growth, operation and movement of virtually everything. In fact, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, petroleum makes up a whopping 36 percent of the United States’ energy consumption, with natural gas trailing slightly behind at 32 percent; combining for a total of 68 percent¹. This means that oil and gas operations need to be quick, safe, and more sustainable than ever before. Enter DIS. 


Our Role

With energy consumption at a high and clean energy sources unable to currently close the gap, DIS has been playing a huge part in sustainably meeting the world’s energy needs without sacrificing energy production or safety. The Gulf of Mexico alone is currently producing an average of 1.7 million barrels of oil per day—more than the output of entire nations including Mexico and Norway. This goes a long way towards explaining why DIS has partnered with numerous major oil and gas operators and deployed multiple tools such as the Gatekeeper Cement Retaining Collar, Gatekeeper CRC Plug Activated, Sentinel Drilling Safety Float Valve, and the Sentinel Liner Running Safety Valve.         


Meaningful Partnerships

These new challenges mean new opportunities for oil and gas operators as well as tool manufacturers like DIS. Despite being a small business, the horizon is boundless and the future is bright for our operation. We look forward to more partnerships and opportunities as we continue to innovate and improve alongside the oil and gas operators in the Gulf of Mexico as we help to demonstrate why it is not only the energy hub of the United States—but also the hub of innovation. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how DIS can innovate alongside your operation, contact us today. 


¹U.S. Energy Information Administration, Monthly Energy Review, Table 1.3 and 10.1 (April 2022)

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