Companies don’t have to be large to make a big impact. Drilling Innovative Solutions has been a tight operation since its founding in 2013, but that hasn’t stopped us from broadening our reach to a global scale. Our commitment to efficiency, reliability and excellence continues to serve us well in every market that we’ve entered over the years. We strive to make a global impact on downhole drilling operations for years to come.

The specific needs of every downhole drilling operation depend on regional factors as well as local regulations, but the core objectives of the industry are the same anywhere you go. We develop our solutions around the industry’s key priorities, which revolve around cost-efficiency for operators, safety for employees and consistency of results. Developing solutions around these key priorities keeps our focus on what really matters to our clients.

High Standards for Any Territory

Oil and gas operations have common challenges, goals, priorities as well as specific objectives and needs which often hinge on local environmental regulations. From a geological perspective, differences in soil or strata composition and total drilling depth have profound implications for tools and technology. Materials used in these devices must be able to withstand changing temperatures and pressures that can range up to extreme levels.

Operators are also subject to environmental and industrial legal requirements that can change drastically from region to region. This is one of the reasons why DIS strives for excellence far above and beyond the acceptable minimum. We design our solutions to be strong, safe and efficient enough to satisfy even the most rigorous regulatory standards.

Custom Solutions Around the World

Ideal solutions are tailored to the demands of a specific situation. With all of the factors that influence the needs of each oil and gas operation, we believe that customizing technology is key for companies that want to push past their competition and truly embrace modernization. DIS tailors our technology to help clients improve their time and cost-efficiency while improving overall consistency and safety.

Gulf of Mexico

Many of our clients operate in the Gulf of Mexico and this region continues to be one of our most active regions for ongoing product development. In fact, many of our flagship technologies are in use throughout this region, including our Gatekeeper Cement Retaining Collars (CRCs) and Sentinel Drilling Safety Float Valves. We have also deployed our  Sentinel Liner Running Safety Valve technology in US and Mexico-based operations.

North America

Our scope in North America isn’t limited to the Gulf of Mexico. DIS has served clients across the continent from the North Slope of Alaska, Canadian Rockies and the North Dakota Bakken Shale to Louisiana and the Texas Permian Basin. Our line of Sentinel Drilling Safety Float Valves has been our leading technology in all of these areas thanks to its incredible durability and reliability in high temperature and pressure environments.

South America

Our Sentinel products have also seen success in operations throughout South America. This technology has been adapted and deployed in several countries, including off-shore operations in Columbia and Suriname in addition to land operations in Argentina.

Mediterranean Region

DIS has also recently partnered with operators in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, which affords the exciting opportunity to broaden our scope to new regions. Our Gatekeeper Plug Activated Cement Retaining Collar (CRCPA) was successfully delivered to a client operating in the Israel Mediterranean Sea and our Sentinel Drilling Safety Float Valves in the Bulgarian Black Sea region.

North Sea

We’ve also delivered customized solutions to the frigid and remote waters of the North Sea off the United Kingdom Coast. Our efficiently and powerfully-designed Gatekeeper Cement Retaining Collars (CRCs) were successfully used in offshore operations in these waters to improve efficiency and mitigate risk throughout extraction operations.

Drilling Tools that Drive the Future

Drilling tools carry a heavy burden. Successful, sustainable and efficient energy extraction drives the growth and stability of the entire planet. Every economy depends on reliable energy sources and the future of the global environment relies on innovative, safe and sustainable practices.

DIS applies our industry experience, engineering expertise and innovative spirit to deliver practical and powerful solutions for oil and gas operators. We aren’t afraid of the challenges or the opportunities of customizing technology to fit unique challenges. We are proud of the solutions we offer to clients and look forward to expanding our global impact on downhole drilling operations in the years ahead.

Contact us to learn more about our methods, technology and commitment to excellence in all of our work. No matter where in the world your home base is, our team at DIS can optimize your downhole drilling operations. 

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