At the very core of the DIS philosophy is the belief that there is always a better way to do something. In fact, the very first tool developed by DIS came about precisely as a result of that ethos: when co-founder Sam P. Hawkins III witnessed the catastrophic events that took place on the BP Macondo in 2010, he recognized a problem that desperately needed a solution. Shortly after identifying the problem, he used his industry knowledge and expertise to design a better cement float—thus, the Sentinel Drilling Safety Float Valve was born. 

The Sentinel was nothing short of a game-changer, and its success became the launching pad for nearly a decade of providing solutions in the form of revolutionary new technology. Over the course of the following years, DIS would engineer several types of new equipment that would prove just as innovative and effective as the Sentinel DSFV, and each instance would be sparked by both the desire to find new and better ways of operating and a careful approach of listening to exactly what challenges our clients are facing.


Innovation Through Communication

What we believe sets DIS apart from competitors is our eagerness to hear our client’s perspectives: what challenges they face, what they hope to achieve; what aspects of their operations they think could be better. Too many oil and gas companies operate under the assumption that the way things are is the way they have to be—but we’re always happy to help shatter that illusion. 

The Gatekeeper CRC Inner String Version
The genesis of the Gatekeeper cement retaining collars was sparked by discussion with a major oil and gas operator—they desired to shorten the time required to cement and test the integrity of the cement in their production liner, and we knew there must be a way. We accepted their challenge; designing, developing and testing the Gatekeeper CRC Inner String version. DIS collaborated and communicated with the customer throughout the design phase, which helped ensure that all of the design parameters were met. The result was a resounding success, and the tool allowed the customer to reduce their average rig time by about 4 days—safely saving them millions in expenditures and helping to reduce their carbon footprint as well.  

The Gatekeeper CRCPA
Thrilled with the successful field implementation Gatekeeper CRC Inner String version, the client approached DIS with a different problem. They wanted to emulate these results from operations with longer casing strings, but utilizing an inner string might not be feasible. Once again, DIS was equal to the challenge, and the Gatekeeper Cement Retaining Collar Plug Activated version was the result. Closely collaborating with the customer and their service provider throughout the process, we identified all the necessary operating parameters to ensure success. Subsequently, the design was formulated, built and tested. Once again, the process yielded fantastic results, and the Gatekeeper CRCPA made similar reductions in rig time a reality without sacrificing safety in any way.

No Problem Too Complex

At our core, we consider ourselves problem solvers first and foremost, and tool designers second. The key to solving most problems is communication—and everyone at DIS prides ourselves on our ability to listen to customers and gain their trust so that we can provide exactly the solution they require without wasting time or resources.

Furthermore, we enjoy solving problems. Finding solutions to unique and complex challenges is our passion—and we never shy away from a job, no matter how impossible it may seem. The aforementioned tools are only a few ways we have worked with customers to find a better way, and we plan to continue our work of solving difficult drilling and completion issues. Be on the lookout for other innovative solutions that we are currently at work on, because we’re only just getting started!


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