Warm Welcomes

The Drilling Innovative Solutions team had the opportunity to participate as a vendor in the 2022 Society of Petroleum Engineers/IADC Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition.

This annual conference allows oil and gas professionals from around the world to connect, discuss the state of the industry, collaborate on future projects and offer students and young professionals important insights for their future careers in oil and gas. After two years of digital meetings and seminars, the team was excited to attend in person to meet potential clients, understand their issues, walk them through DIS solutions and how they can equate to millions in savings.

State of the Industry

Transocean CEO Jeremy Thigpen and Patterson UTI CEO Andy Hendricks presented this year’s State of the Industry address. The address touched on several key issues which affect all aspects of the industry such as: investment limitations, green initiatives, expanding production and strain on the global supply chain. Though the industry could be in a better state, it’s important as innovators to face the challenges with a solution-oriented approach and see opportunities as opposed to roadblocks.  

From the DIS Booth 

From the DIS booth, the team showcased their revolutionary patented products which have optimized downhole drilling operations worldwide saving valuable time and increasing revenue. In addition to introducing products to potential clients, the DIS team was also able to present past clients with other DIS products which have different applications. 

A Technical Sales Specialist from Baker Hughes said “It was great seeing the DIS table at the IADC/SPE Conference in Galveston. I was already familiar with their Gatekeeper CRC tool, but the potential applications for the Sentinel and Sentinel LR seem endless!” 

Another major representative, this one from Shell, remarked on DIS as a whole. “DIS is small and nimble, which makes it easy to work with y’all on new projects.”

DIS also shared information with the next generation of innovators at the 2022 Society of Petroleum Engineers. Students gathered around as Jim Cunningham, our Engineering Manager, explained how the Gatekeeper, Sentinel and Guardian products work to optimize downhole drilling operations. The energy, excitement and curiosity of future engineers was a welcomed sight at the DIS booth. 

Until Next Time

The DIS team had a fantastic time doing what they do best—selling solutions. While the outlook provided by the State of the Industry address offered a less than ideal picture of the future, the view from the DIS booth was bright with new contacts, stronger partnerships and a generation of future problem-solvers ready to tackle those challenges head-on. 

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