One of the biggest challenges of providing engineered oil and gas drilling tools is the necessary combination of innovation and standardization, such as mud cap drilling. Components and tools need to “fit the mold” in order to be compatible with current technology and ensure usability by workers. However, they also need to be flexible in their design so they can be adapted to changing and potentially extreme circumstances.

The below mud cap drilling case study is an excellent example of the powerful problem-solving potential of our products. Drilling Innovative Solutions is proud of what we accomplish for our clients. We always look for ways to effectively address the challenges of each project, whether they are logistical, technological or geological.

Delving into the Austin Chalk

This project was the first for the operator as well as the first job to utilize the Sentinel Drilling Safety Float Valve in the Austin Chalk. The job, which took place in West Central Louisiana, was also the first time this particular technology was used in a mud cap drilling assignment.

Problems Presented

The client presented several key issues when they first contacted us for a drilling solution, including numerous ongoing drilling float failures with at least one that had the potential to cause a well control issue. Based on this information, it was evident that the client needed a unique solution that would yield reliable performance as quickly as possible.

Our Solutions

The team at DIS was able to meet the logistical needs of the project by beginning tool deployment immediately, which allowed the equipment to reach the site the same day as requested. Once the utilization of our Sentinel 475 DSFVs began, our client was able to complete the drilling process without any more service interruptions related to failures in safety float valves.

About the Drilling Technology

The beauty of a well-designed piece of equipment is that it doesn’t have to be large or elaborate, it just has to work. The Sentinel Drilling Safety Float Valve is not a large piece of technology, but it produces substantial results for our clients. It’s one of our primary product lines and we consider it a revolutionary development that can have a big impact on performance and overall costs. It was designed to overcome some of the key issues with previous float valve technology, particularly their inability to hold up for long-term use in extreme conditions.

The Sentinel relies on our field-tested flapper actuated ball technology and can maintain a proper seal even under harsh downhole drilling conditions. It has proven to be a reliable solution for use in Underbalanced Drilling, Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Directional Drilling operations. It is also outfitted to serve as an effective barrier against well control events.

All of our drilling safety float valves are made to meet the highest ISO 9000 and API standards to ensure quality. The valves are designed for high-pressure environments up to 10,000 psi and temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it a suitable choice for HTHP conditions. They are also available with several customizable elements upon request, including non-standard connections and sour gas condition valves.

Leverage Innovation for Better Performance with DIS

Our experience drilling in the Austin Chalk illustrates the importance of using the right tool for the job. Saving time, money and resources, the Sentinel Drilling Safety Float Valve was able to serve the specific needs of our client. We look forward to the opportunities and challenges presented by each of our clients and working to provide the optimum solution.

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