As we set our sights on 2022, it’s important to look back and examine the achievements of 2021. A
thoughtful review of the most notable projects of the year presents a valuable opportunity to
identify major
successes as well as potential hurdles for upcoming projects. As a team that focuses on
constant improvement and innovations, we utilize all available information to best serve our customers in the oil
and gas industry.

At Drilling Innovative Solutions (DIS), we make it our mission to provide custom products and services to
save our clients time and money.

North Sea Collaboration

Operational Challenges

The North Sea Collaboration was a key project for DIS in 2021. Our team and equipment were able to meet
the stringent requirements of North Sea drilling operations. This project was a year-long collaboration of a major
oil and gas company and two multinational oilfield service

companies with many moving parts. Detailed communication and coordination among all parties were
essential to the success of this project.

Key Solutions

The communication between partners on this project was key to the project’s success. Sam
P. Hawkins, III
DIS co-founder, owner, and new product development manager described the project as a “Collaborative, well-run operation from all parties from
start to finish.”

The key technical solution in this project was the Gatekeeper
Cement Retaining Collar Inner String version
. This project required a custom-made 5-inch tool which was the
smallest of its class to be approved for use in North Sea operations. This mechanical isolation device, which is
rated for 385 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures up to 10,000 psi, was successfully implemented in a high temperature,
high-pressure environment. The solution delivered above expectations by minimizing the total volume of cement
required to achieve a stable seal.

Quantified Outcome

The solution and implementation provided by DIS did not disrupt ongoing operations at all and the
operation was finished 9 days ahead of schedule, which conserved millions of dollars for the client.

The project also represented the first run of our Gatekeeper
in the North Sea and the first globally of this size. All phases of the project were ahead of time compared to previous wells in the same
area. By successfully performing the required positive and negative pressure tests, this project realized 5 days of

Chalk Project

Operational Challenges

Another key project for us in 2021 was meeting the needs of an ongoing operation
in the Austin
. The client presented several issues they were facing, including multiple drilling float failures with
at least one that jeopardized well control. This meant that we faced problems with potentially serious consequences.
Delivering a tailored solution as quickly as possible is always a challenge when it comes to oil and gas extraction.

Key Solutions

The Sentinel
Drilling Safety Float Valve
was able to provide a solution to the unique demands of this project. This
product represents the first major improvement to drilling float equipment in many years. It was specifically
designed to replace aging technologies that are unable to maintain an acceptable seal in the extreme conditions
found in downhole drilling operations.

These safety float valves are available in a wide range of sizes, which allowed them to be tailored directly to the client’s needs in the Austin
Chalk project
. They are also made according to the highest API and ISO 9000 Standards
to ensure strong performance through long-term use.

Quantified Outcome

Due to the flexible design of our Sentinel technology, the safety float valves were deployed promptly to
address the client’s urgent need. Operations proceeded without any further service interruptions related to drilling
float equipment failure following the implementation of our solution.

From 2021 to 2022: Building
on Success

As we look back at some of the high points of our year in review from 2021, including
the North Sea and Austin
projects, we are excited to leverage the technological developments and field experience in our future

Whether you are struggling with a difficult issue in an ongoing operation or want to prepare for a planned
project in the years ahead, DIS is ready to help. As leading innovators in the world of customized drilling tools,
we excel under pressure and live to deliver powerful solutions that transform the industry. Contact
to learn more about our methods, technology and commitment to excellence in all of our work.

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